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Increase Market Share with Computerized Database Management Systems


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Companies use computerized database management systems to expand productivity, client base and number of referrals.

Businesses have found that appropriate automation increases competitiveness and now include a computerized database management system in their comprehensive business plan. But, what is a computerized database management system?

Database management systems are one of the popular software available for IBM PC’s.....

In many ways, the software functions as a computerized filing cabinet. Users get the information they need by typing on the keyboard or clicking the mouse. The software also has the ability to do math and print business information.

There are two types available: off-the-shelf software or customized software.

Off-the-shelf software has already been designed for a specific business application - accounting, contact management, inventory, etc. This software can be less costly to set up and can

be effective if your business needs match the functions of the package. These systems being pre-programmed, take a lot longer to learn, and certain business features may not be available.

The other option is to buy a generic database management software such as Visual Basic, FoxPro, Access and customize it for your own specific use.

The advantage of this method is that once the system is set up there is almost no learning curve and the labor time is significantly less than the off-the-shelf systems. This system matches your business needs and does exactly what you want to do.

The customized system gives advanced productivity and can be used by someone with minimal computer experience...

The following actual case histories illustrates how companies increased their business competitiveness through customized database management systems.


First, the business problems: (1) A high tech company lowers sales by spending too much time finding qualified prospects. (2) A regional telephone company wastes hours by typing billing error reports several times. (3) An alcohol rehabilitation center looses clients and referrals by not tracking patient care, thanking referral sources, and asking for patient feedback.

In each of these cases, management realized that they required a computerized database management system. The high tech company was able to pre-qualify prospects through a database marketing system. The regional telephone company increased productivity by entering billing information once, then by using a database system to generate numerous reports. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center increased clients and referrals through a Quality Assurance Database System that tracks patient care, referral sources and client satisfaction.

Before your company decides to invest in database management software, decide on your exact goals...

Then go look for the package that fits your business requirements

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