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Software solutions that give your data a high powered tune-up.


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DataLeverage helps businesses organize and analyze information more effectively by using the latest computerized system.
With DataLeverage's help . . .

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A client server system tracks the telecommunications department's installation of computers and telephones.
iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A regional bank analyzes their employee salaries using a competitive wage compensation system.
iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A New England hospital searches for a cure for cancer by evaluating 20 years of client records.
iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A computer hardware supplier improves quality testing and therefore, reduces component failure
iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A major hospital examines its finances through a user friendly management system.
iconsm.GIF (195 bytes) A New England utility company provides staff training on the use of a database management system to increase worker productivity.

Since 1993, DataLeverage has helped clients in such diverse industries as high technology, retailing, marketing, and scientific research. Our services include application programming, web development, database consulting, and customized training.


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