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iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)DataLeverage helped us to develop an in-house marketing database quickly, efficiently and very cost-effectively.  The quality of the interfaces DataLeverage designed are exemplary and easy to use and their knowledge of Visual Basic and Access extensive.  DataLeverage is easy to work with and has always been responsive to our needs.  It has always been a pleasure to work with DataLeverage.

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)Jeanie Griggs, Director of Marketing, Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, P.C.iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)Mark Cole, Director of Marketing, Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, P.C.

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)When I think of the time I wasted before I worked with DataLeverage!  I searched for over a year for a database company, I could talk to about rescuing my data management system.  DataLeverage was unique in its ability to make database software work for me.  They quickly grasped my problem, then were able to communicate how an effective system should work.  They designed the system I use today and are kept on retainer to ensure that new projects start out with the best data management system.

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)Dr. D. Hahn, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)In 1993 'manged care" came to Massachusett's workers, compensation system in the form of mandatory "utilization review" of injured worker medical care.  We needed a comprehensive custom database develped to mange all out activity and transaction in providing utilization review services to the inxurance industry.  DataLeverage developed and designed a database for us that has worked very well ever since and is still in use today.  Not only were we trilled with the capacity that was devloped for us initially, but we continue to be well served by Dataleverage.

iconsm.GIF (195 bytes)Chris Wood, President, Injury Management Resources, Inc.


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