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DataLeverage Visual Basic Training Programs
DataLeverage's staff has been teaching database courses for over 15 years.  DataLeverage has been training students in 
Visual Basic Programming Beginners
This course teaches the user how to set up a Visual Basic Project. User will learn to develop custom Forms and Modules
Visual Basic as a client for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Database
Microsoft Visual Basic can be used as a front end to database servers like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. 
Using Visual Basic with Excel and Word
Visual Basic can exchange data with Excel and Word.   User learn how to connect these Microsoft office programs. 
Visual Basic for Business
Build Window Application efficiently.  Learn the development environment, features and programming tricks.
Customized Training
DataLeverage develops customized seminars to train users at all levels.  Each module includes self-paced exercises, and all of our instructors are experienced database users and programmers.

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