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Software solutions that give your data a high powered tune-up.


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DataLeverage Services

DataLeverage Services enables your business to access information more effectively, increasing your competitiveness in today's changing market. We organize information so it can be accessed intuitively. Our services shorten your staff’s learning time and reduce computer error. As a result, your staff will be more productive more quickly, generating the information you need, when you need it.
Web Development
Do you need a business service or a client/server application on the intra/internet?  We can help you plan a multi-step result-oriented development process.  
Application Programming
Customized Software allows your company to create a simplified information management system tailored to your specific needs. A customized database increases worker productivity by reducing the steps needed to store and retrieve vital business information.

Our first step is to fully understand your system and your needs. Before beginning to develop a database system, DataLeverage conducts a needs analysis of your requirements, an evaluation of your present computer hardware, your database, and thoroughly examines your existing procedures. 

A DataLeverage system uses menu choices for performing multiple commands, minimizing steps and saving your company valuable time. Intuitive data entry forms help make storing information easier and error free. In addition, our systems can generate specialized reports that are impossible to produce using a standard Access report feature.

Software Evaluation
We help you evaluate and identify the best software for your organization. For example, should you use a generalized database management system? A task specific system? A customized system? We help select the option that is best for you. 
DataLeverage develops customized seminars to train users at all levels. Each module includes self-paced exercises, and all of our instructors are experienced database users and programmers.

For further information call:  (617)739-9925 
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